Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day 28: Bonsai III

For an explanation, please see here.

My final drawing is the third I have made of the Bonsai. I chose this because I really enjoyed making the drawing and that is what I will take away from this experiment. It has reminded me that I love to draw. These images have also been an exercise in drawing whatever is at hand. Although I am a confident maker of marks, this daily practice has  been of benefit to me.

I will continue to do this but perhaps not every day. My work as a printmaker and illustrator already involves much drawing as everything that I do is grounded on drawing. I might add things here from time to time but you can follow my work in these places:

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Day 27: Bonsai II

I enjoyed drawing the bonsai and returned to it, concentrating on the twisted trunk, even though this meant  missing a lot of the foliage. Again, I found myself enjoying this and making a larger drawing than many of the things I have done this month. I cans see myself drawing this tiny tree a lot.

Day 26: The Angry lego Man Holds A Bonsai Leaf

Both this Bonsai and the Angry Lego Man sit on my desk as I work so it seemed natural to pair them for this drawing. There was a recently shed leaf for him to hold but , in his hands, it did look rather like a weapon! I allowed more time for this (14 minutes) and enjoyed myself.

 This is the last appearance of this cross little chap here but I have a feeling that he might feature in the future in a blog of his own.

Day 25: Aylesford Jug

I allowed ten minutes to start the day with this stoneware jug from the Aylesford pottery, enjoying the challenge of drawing its irregular shape quickly and without hesitation. Not one of my better ones but it warmed me up for a day of drawing.

Day 24 Seth Cardew Cup & Saucer

Another cup. This is one of my favourites, a cup and saucer by Seth Cardew. I regret not taking the time to draw the whole thing but I had a lot of printmaking to do in the studio and settled for half, which I achieved in nine minutes. In any case, I just love drawing cup handles. The cup has a lovely shape, a dark, rich, olive glaze and wonderful dark brush marks.

These final drawings were all done in an unusually bound sketchbook found in Suffolk, using a Uni-ball "EyE" micro pen made by the Mitsubishi Pen Company:

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Day 23: Latte

The explanation behind these drawings can be found here.

Another coffee but this time served in a glass. Again, I started with the handle and worked outwards. Pen is an awkward medium for drawing glass - and the metal spoon for that matter - but I enjoy the challenge. After nine minutes, this skinny latte was just ready to enjoy.

Day 22: China Cup

Part of a cup of coffee sketched in fine pen while it was cooling. This medium doesn't give much room to make mistakes but I am feeling much more confident about setting out my marks. In all of these drawing of cups, I start with the top of the handle and work outwards, just as when I am drawing a person, I will start with the eyes and work outwards. After eight minutes, I really needed that coffee so I stopped drawing!